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Possible to map field from C&P to Opportunity?

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  • Possible to map field from C&P to Opportunity?

    I am trying to create custom mapping for Opportunities from Click and Pledge. I would like to map multiple SKU's in the same campaign with a single instruction. Is it possible to select a field value from the C&P object rather than just setting custom text?

    Also, to confirm; does the Campaign in the Store Manager Item list map to the Salesforce campaign when the Opportunity is created? Thank you

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    Good day @Mark Stark

    You may map multiple SKU's in the same Campaign but it is NOT possible to get C&P object values. It has been designed to map custom text only.

    Are you referring to Store Manager in Swiper1? Yes, it will map to the Campaign in the Salesforce.

    Hope that answers your question.
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      Thank you, that does answer my questions. I am not able to use the embedded virtual terminal since our SF instance has Person accounts enabled. So, I cannot use the integrated SF Auctions functionality. Instead, I am trying to use Swiper 1 as a way to scan credit cards when someone buys the item. This means a lot of duplicate work for me as the developer; I'll have to create the item in SF, in the Store Manager, and in custom mapping to enter the Auction item in the Opportunity. If it all works, it should be easy for the user. Thank you