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  • Registrant = Account

    Is it possible to have the Registrant of an event be an Account and not a Contact? We have several scenarios where a company makes the donation for a table (for example) and then there will be 10 attendees that sit at that table. In this case, the donation/registration needs to go under the account, not a person.

    Right now, I believe a Registrant has to be a person.

    Please advise.

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    Good day jaskelson

    Currently the registration is for a "Contact" and not an "Account". That is a bit challenging since Accounts only have names and coming up with matching on account is a bit complex if it is a mixed registration.

    How should we know if a registration is a company or contact? There are a lot of complexities associated with an automatic determination of type.

    Others have asked for this feature as well but we have not yet been able to come up with a solution that satisfies all requirements.

    So the short answer is Yes-- the registrant has to be a person.
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