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Remove "Additional Information" page for free events?

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  • Remove "Additional Information" page for free events?

    We are in desperate need of some help. While this is working great for our tuition based events, it is unusable for our free events - which a majority of them are. Upper management has said this system looks very unprofessional and that we cannot use it.

    The issue is the 2nd page "Additional Information" asking for the name again after they already filled out the information on the 1st page. Is there a way to change this? In the mean time we're using Google Forms for free events and manually transferring over that data into Salesforce. It changes to "Billing Information" for paid events which makes sense. But is really unprofessional asking for information 2x. Thank you.

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    Good day @LizSFI,

    Basically our Event Registration system design for to register multiple Attendee's in a single Transaction. If you would like to skip the attendee information then you can use Anonymous Event.

    There are two types of Events - Named & Anonymous registration: Through the named registration option all attendees’ first name, last name, email, etc. may be collected through the forms whereas the Anonymous registration allows the registrant to purchase multiple tickets by entering a quantity for each level.

    Does your Event require Attendee information? If the Attendee and the Registrant (Payer) are the same person then you may can use Anonymous Event, in which Registrant (payer) will enter the quantity and proceed to checkout with billing information.

    Hope that helps. Let us know if we can be of any further assistance.

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      Sorry for reposting but I'm getting "Sorry, you are not authorized to view this page. Please try logging in or logging in as different user Login or send a message to the admin"

      In reply to your question: While the anonymous thing worked to get rid of the 2nd page, it doesn't help much as we have folks registering guests, such as spouses, and yes, we need their information to make name tags. We track everything here. We also can't limit the amount of guests they register it seems. I wish this was more user friendly.


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        Good day!

        Please note that the system is designed for the most general use case. The most general use case is to assume that the person that is making the payment is not necessarily the person that is attending. For examples:

        1: An assistant registers 5 people in a company to attend a conference. He is not attending himself but is making the payment using the company credit card. The 5 people are attending so the registrant is not any of the attendees.

        2: A parent is registering her kids for a summer camp. She is not attending the summer camp so she is not one of the attendees.

        As you see the above examples show just 2 cases where the registrant is not one of the attendees. Because of use cases such as these we provide a radio button where the "Registrant" can choose if he/she is one of the attendees.

        Click image for larger version

Name:	2016-07-28_7-59-35.jpg
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        The above shows how the system copies the information it has from the "Attendees" to the "Registrant" page.

        It is also important to point out that our clients, in many cases, wish to ask the "Attendees" different questions than from the "Registrant". You may want to ask the Attendees what is their meal preference whereas ask the Registrant what is the team name or the company name.

        The system is extremely general and naturally cannot be custom tailed for a specific use case.

        If we do not ask the registrant information how do we know the billing address, etc. that you are not asking the attendees?

        I hope I have provided a bit more information for you to appreciate the full scope of the request.
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          Thank you for your response and I understand that. The system works GREAT for our paid tuition events but is unusable for FREE events where there is no billing information. We were recommended this product when we moved to Salesforce with the understanding that it was to be useful for free events as well but that is turning out not to be the case. We would like all events to use one registration system but we are stuck using two now because of this. Is there any plans for a more user friendly experience for free events in the future? Can we pay for something customized for free events if not? Thank you.


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            Good day LizSFI

            I am a bit confused. So please help us figure out what exactly you are asking for.

            In any event (regardless of its fee) you have 1 person that registers others. If you want the attendee information then you use NAMED registration and you do NOT want the attendee information you use the anonymous.

            For attendees and registrants you have the option to ask any information you want. The minimum information required is first name and last name while others may be hidden. If you do not want the billing information you may easily hide them as shown below:

            Click image for larger version

Name:	2016-07-30_6-39-39.jpg
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            The only information required of the person that is making the registration is the First and Last name, in the absence of these 2 there will be no way to know who is registering.

            If your registration is such that someone registers many people then you have to have a second page as you do will not know which of these attendees is the one that is making the registration. If you do not want to know the details of the attendees then you may use the anonymous feature so you only ask for the registrant information.

            Our system is used by a lot of organizations for free events and we have not seen a single case where this system does not answer the needs. We always look for features and new ideas to add and welcome any features you would like to see added to the core system. We are not a custom software development company so we cannot develop something just for your organization but given our 20,000 clients we always ask for features and add them to the core to benefit everyone.

            Hope that helps.
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              I'm a colleague of Elizabeth's and I hope I can shed some light on what we're looking for here.

              The Click and Pledge "Registrant"/"Registered Attendee" system works perfectly for our needs. What is causing friction with our colleagues is some limitations on our ability to customize the user experience. When our users register for free events, we'd like to be able to customize or add text to the "Additional Information"/"Billing Information" screen. (We'd also love to be able to change overall look and feel, suppress the "$0.00" label, etc.).

              In many cases, we don't ask for much or any additional information from the registrant, and our users find the experience of selecting their own name a second time confusing, since actual billing information isn't required for these free events. We do, however, need, the full CnP functionality supporting guests/multiple attendees. Being able to change the labels on this page or add explanatory text might smooth this pathway.

              We're happily using anonymous registration for events where we don't have guests attending, and it works wonderfully for that use case.

              Is there any possibility of more customization of the user experience during registration in future Click and Pledge releases? Or is there functionality we've overlooked that might help address these needs?

              Thank you!



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                Good day David Reed

                There is a lot of customization available at this time & some of the issues you are stating are customizable.

                Are you able to attend our office hour so we can review the case with you?

                As for the upcoming releases, we are working on an entirely new UI for release 10, due out mid-2017. As stated a lot of what you are asking may done now.
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                  Thanks very much for your note. I will plan to attend the office hour this afternoon and look forward to talking with you.