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How to change food choice from Chicken to Vegetarian?

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  • btaoregon
    Diane Dulken
    Ticket GUID: 6a53a2dd-2235-f0ed-d988-e64dd12ee6d3


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  • CnP.Support
    Good day!

    The C&P Data is basically useless once the transaction has been processed. No changes in the C&P Data will carry over to anything. When a transaction occurs the API platform posts the data to the C&P Data object. On insert the data is processed and once done the C&P Data entry is simply for archival purposes and may be deleted.

    Any change to the attendee, etc, need to be made to the entry. Currently we don't allow for such changes but may be done through creating a tab for the object and using Salesforce to make the change.

    If you need help let us know which registration it is and we will go ahead and fix it for you and send instructions so you can do it in the future.

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  • How to change food choice from Chicken to Vegetarian?

    This is a healthy problem...We need to change information on an Attendee. When I go into C&P Data and make an edit directly into the XML, it doesn't seem to cascade at all to the REPORT that's generated. In fact, the XML isn't syncing up with the report. That is, someone shows "Vegetarian" in C&P Data, but when I go to C&P Events and launch the Attendee report, the field is blank...

    So...what's best way to change a meal preference? Original request:

    RE: XXXXX Dulken: How do I change her meal option from chicken to vegetarian? Thanks!