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Duplicates -- under "Custom Questions"

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  • CnP.Support
    Good day!

    Are you sure you want to ask the meal preference from the registrant?

    Typically the registrant is the one that makes the payment and not necessarily attending. If they are attending then they will also be an attendee.

    The question needs to only be asked of the attendee.

    Let me know if this answers the question.

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  • btaoregon
    started a topic Duplicates -- under "Custom Questions"

    Duplicates -- under "Custom Questions"

    So this is weird. Here's the question from the team:

    Just registered for two-day Standard registration. At the end, under "Custom Questions" it asked twice in row for both meal preference and organization. Not sure if this is following for all levels. Can you look into it and delete the duplicate questions?

    But when i go into C&P, all seems OK. Where's the glitch? Can you help fix? (This is for the Active Transportation Summit, btw.

    Click image for larger version

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