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Registrant or attendee supplies invalid email address

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  • Registrant or attendee supplies invalid email address

    We are testing some use case scenarios with event registration and wonder about the best way to handle registrant or attendee data that contains incorrect information, particularly in the email field.

    I have pushed through some test registrations with invalid email addresses and find that, as expected, I do not receive an autoresponder or registration email but I wonder how one can monitor for this in general. Is there a location to view registration email failed attempts or autoresponders that failed? The autoresponder sent email log for the particular test contact shows a "sent" status even though the email address is corrupt (intentionally).

    I've been able to correct invalid email data on the main contact or alias records, but I am unable to edit it within the registrant or attendee record attached to the event. If I want to attempt a resend of the registration email to either party, how can I correct the original bad data supplied during registration?

    So, in short:
    1) How can we monitor for bad emails and thus bounced registration receipts?
    2) How can we correct bad emails supplied during registration so that a registration email can be successfully sent?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Good day [email protected]

    Currently we do not have the bounced email information but if you set the return reply to address as your email you should get a bounce back email in your mailbox. In other words, just like when you email someone with bad email and get a bounced email, given the emails reply to address is set to an email address by you, the email should received the bounced emails.

    The bad emails may be fixed in the contact record.

    Hope that answers your question.
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