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Can more than one discount code be used simultaneously during registration?

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  • Can more than one discount code be used simultaneously during registration?

    We are setting up an event that has price increases over time. We have created discount codes to deduct certain amounts over specific date ranges and can add these codes to the end of the registration URL to automatically deduct the desired amount as described in the C&P support docs. However, we would like the user to also be able to apply another unique code to the order, such as one to receive 10% off. Is there a better way to achieve price hikes over time, and can you confirm whether more than one discount code can be applied at the same time to an order? If that is possible, please elaborate on the best approach. Thanks in advance.

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    Good day [email protected]

    Currently the system does not allow for multiple discounts to be applied to the same transaction.

    KB article about discount:

    One solution I can think of at this time is to create multiple levels with the same name but different pricing with different start & end dates. This way a level with price X will end and the same level (new level) will show up with price Y. Of course this is a work around and one that may work if you do not have 100 levels and 100 pricing (hope not).

    Using this method you will also be able to see how much of each level you have sold. Since the level is priced differently, the discounts will still work.

    Do you think this can work?
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      Thanks for the speedy response. I did set up additional levels with adjusted start and end dates to allow for the hikes, and I think this should provide the solution. It would be a bit of effort for an initial complex event creation but should become easier with the ability to clone forward. This will free up the discount code usage a bit. It would be great if it would be possible to apply more than one code in a given order, but I'm sure that adds additional complexity as well. Much appreciated!