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Mapping Custom Questions for Event

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  • Mapping Custom Questions for Event

    I have followed instructions for mapping custom questions, I see the fields on the registration form; but when I do the registration process, the field update doesn't occur in SF, and I also don't see the custom questions in the C&P Transaction. I have read the article and followed the instructions, but the questions don't seem to be firing. I have tried to update both text and number fields, and I have tried with blank fields and with conditions in the fields.

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    Good day!

    Please note that the custom question mapping is ONLY for the registrant (person making the payment) and not the attendees. Attendee custom questions cannot be mapped currently.

    Are you expecting the questions from the registrant or the attendees?
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      I am custom mapping questions from the registrant, but I am mapping from a additional payment option. The SKU mapping does work.


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        I believe the issue is closed; I was mapping from the additional payment option, not the registrant. When I mapped from the registrant, the mapping worked correctly. Thank you.