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Cloned Events Aren't Creating Unique Record ID's

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  • Cloned Events Aren't Creating Unique Record ID's

    We are having an issue with cloned events. I cloned an active event and, on the new cloned event, I deleted one of the registration levels. This action caused the registration level to be deleted on the original event. Please look into and advise if we will be able to recover information provided in custom questions (this is an active event with much needed information). I have granted log in access and also replicated the problem. You can view and troubleshoot the issue by locating the event titled "Testing Cloning Event". This is an original event that started with three levels. I cloned this event (renamed it Cloned test event) and deleted registration level 2. This caused that registration level to drop from the original event. Thank you!

    Org ID - 00D61000000ZLeq

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    Good day Kelley Babbs

    Sorry for the inconvenience but this is a known issue in the version you had.

    Please see the release notes for the new update:

    Click image for larger version

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    Here is the issue & why you are seeing it.

    When an event was being cloned in the previous release, we were placing the EXISTING event in EDIT mode and upon save we were doing a SAVE AS the new name. This treatment was creating the problem you are seeing as prior to saving the old event was being affected. The new release has changed the way this is done and the CLONE feature will clone immediately upon creating the event.

    To help you with this we have upgraded your instance to the latest release so this should not happen again.

    As for your existing event. Our observation: DO NOT REMOVE ITEMS FROM YOUR RECYCLE BIN
    • All your deleted LEVELS are in the recycle bin and may be restored. Once restored your orphaned registrations will show up correctly.
    • Since you re-created the levels that were deleted, upon restoring from the recycle bin, you will have 2 levels with the same name.
    • There are several options that you may choose from:
      1. Restore from recycle bin all your deleted levels and disable the duplicate one so in the registration form only one shows up. This may be done in the BASIC tab by editing the event and setting the level to "Inactive" in the MODE column.
      2. Restore from recycle bin all your deleted levels and letting us know which one you wish to keep. We will go in and update all your registrations to the new level ID
    While both options, listed above, will work we recommend that you use the first option as it is least intrusive and requires least amount of interaction with live records.

    We apologize for the inconvenience but given this update your instance should be fine. Please see the release notes:

    It is absolutely important that you re-establish connection between Click & Pledge and Salesforce. With this update C&P Accounts are no longer needed to be added to Salesforce as the connection will automatically add the required information to Salesforce. It is extremely important that you login to the portal & re-establish connection. To establish connection please see the following KB article:

    Release notes:
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