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email subject line and movement on screen

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  • email subject line and movement on screen

    Hello I have two items I need help with.

    1. I would like to have a custom email subject line to accompany the email after a ticket is purchased. How do I create or change that the confirmation email subject line?

    2. When you go to one of our registration pages, once it is done loading, the page jumps 3/4 down the page and you have to scroll up to see the beginning info. Here is a link https://nationalresilienceinstitute....6000000K83cEAC
    Please help so it does not jump down the page.

    Kind regards,

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    Good day!

    Question 1: Please click on "Registration Email" and create an email for the attendee or registrant based on the purchased level. The email, subject, and everything else is fully customizable. Please see:

    Question 2: Please grant us login access so one of our developers can review your page. It seems like some script in the page or code is pushing the page down. Given the holidays (Memorial Day in US) it may be Tuesday before can provide an answer. Sorry for the delay.
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