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Delay Box office or virtual terminal processing

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  • Delay Box office or virtual terminal processing

    If registrations come in through the online page, they go into the Temporary Contacts, which is what I want. If I create a registration through Box Office, even if I don't choose the existing contact to fill in the blanks, but do put in the name of an existing contact, the data and charge are instantly processed. Is there any way to put these registrations instead into Temporary Contacts? (I know it doesn't make intuitive sense but registrations come in before the day that registration is supposed to open, and we don't want to charge those registrants until the Opening Day. If we could let them languish in Temporary Contact that would solve the problem.)

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    Good day!

    What you may do is to register these attendees with a custom payment type and when the payment comes in then go to the Registration information and click on Process Payment button. This allows you to process payment as it comes in once you receive the payment.

    Hope that helps.
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      thanks for getting back to me so quickly. I'm not getting a custom payment type other than check to be visible - I assume I set this in the EVENT basic info screen, right? Only CHECK comes up. I may have to clear some cache I don't know about.

      But I'm not sure where the Registration Information and Process Payment button are (on a computer, I found the reference in Swiper1). Sorry to be so dense! Also, can you once again explain why both registrant and attendee charges are made for each person registering ? Are they really getting charged TWICE?