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  • New page for Box Office

    (I think there was a song.. You'll never get away from me!!) Ok. THis should be simple. About half of the registrations for courses at our senior college will be done in office, using Box Office. Is there any way to make that Box Office pop up into a new page, as the sign up for individuals does? (I want our data entry person to be able to use the lookup of current members, and to record checks, so having her use the usual registration screen won't work)

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    I am not quite sure I understand. Please elaborate a bit more.
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      Okay. When people click to sign up for courses on our website, they are sent to a page that lives on or whatever it is. It is a separate page. I can hard-wire that url into my website.

      When our volunteer office aide needs to use the Box Office she has to log in to Salesforce (not trying to change that), but then she has to click on C&P Event Management. Then Event. Then the particular Event, and then finally Box Office, and after all that the B.O. screen has all the C&P menu along the left side. We're a senior college, she's a senior (and the people we'll be getting in to help with registration are seniors) and computer literacy is fairly minimal. If I could give her a bookmark that would take her directly to Box Office, (or directly after the SF sign-in) that would solve the problem, but I can't.

      Oh, and saying she should use the registration screen for "outsiders" is not a good idea. We're revamping our whole data system in order to avoid the typos people make. Having the existing members' info fill in automatically is essential!