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Weird error when sharing Event Registration page on Facebook

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  • Weird error when sharing Event Registration page on Facebook

    Hello - we have launched an event registration page here: (for our Spring Gala 2016). We'd like to post this ticket registration link on Facebook but when I post the link (or even when I post a shortened version of the link) Facebook shows a weird error about using IE 11 (see attached image for details). But I'm not using IE 11 to post (I'm using Chrome). I also don't want that Click & Pledge image to show up - I added an event profile image but that is not showing up when I post to Facebook. Can you help pleaes? I gave you guys 1 week of access..

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    Good day @Louise Kelly,

    We just tested your event and see the following when we click on the share:

    Click image for larger version

Name:	2016-04-29_9-43-50.jpg
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Size:	76.3 KB
ID:	23718

    The site uses Facebook Open Graph tags to provide all required information to Facebook. See below:

    Click image for larger version

Name:	2016-04-29_9-49-15.jpg
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Size:	139.0 KB
ID:	23719

    The page shows all the right open graph information including the description. We have to investigate why Facebook is not showing the right information. Facebook is simply taking a set of random texts from the page and showing it as description and simply ignoring the Open Graph information.

    We have seen strange caching behavior from Facebook but need to investigate what is going on. Have you considered clearing Facebook cache and test? See:

    Facebook caches information and then unless cleared it will be maintained for a long time. See if that works.

    Let us know if we can be of more help.

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      Hi - so three things:
      1) I did just try clearing cache on a browser (Firefox) and then tried reposting and I still got the same error
      2) I had the same issue last fall with a different event - I posted it to the forum but I did it as a follow-on to a different post so you may not have seen it - you guys didn't respond and I got busy and didn't have time to follow up then but really need this to be resolved.
      3) When I go to the Facebook debug link you gave me and put in the reg page URL I get two warnings / errors from Facebook. See the attached screen shot. Can you help me with understanding what these errors are? Are these things I can fix or are they things you guys have to fix?

      Thanks in advance for your help. Facebook sharing is going to be really important for this event so we would like to get this resolved.


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        Good day Louise,

        I did not refer to your browser cache. That does not apply here.

        This is FACEBOOK cache- as Facebook caches everything and unless updated will keep showing the old cached record in FACEBOOK's database.

        The errors are not something you need to deal with - they are warning and related to something else. We are not using any apps but the generic Facebook sharing

        Please see this example:

        I simply added the Facebook share and it works without any issues. Please test it and let me know if this works for you.
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          Hurray - clearing the Facebook cache fixed the problem! I didn't understand exactly how to do this when you just sent me to the FB debugger link. I found this article which explained what to do (obvious once you read it, but just didn't get it at first):

          Also - to help others - the event profile image I had originally loaded was a little too small - it has to be a minimum of 200x200pixels for FB to load it. I resized the image and now all seems to be working well.

          I AM still seeing errors in the FB debugger - I'm copying them below. But it seems like at least the sharing is working properly so this is perhaps less urgent.

          Thanks so much!

          Here are the FB errors in case you want them:
          • Admins And App ID Missing
            fb:admins and fb:app_id tags are missing. These tags are necessary for Facebook to render a News Feed story that generates a high click-through rate.
          • Meta with name instead of property
            The meta tag on the page was specified with name 'author', which matches a configured property of this object type. It will be ignored unless specified with the meta property attribute instead of the meta name attribute.
          • Share App ID Missing
            The 'fb:app_id' property should be explicitly provided, Specify the app ID so that stories shared to Facebook will be properly attributed to the app. Alternatively, app_id can be set in url when open the share dialog.


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            I'm having the exact same issue with the page I just created here:

            I have created several registration pages and posted the links to Facebook, and this is the first time I've encountered this issue. Clearing the Facebook cache didn't work for me. Please help!


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              Good day!

              Sorry for the late reply- this post was missed.

              What we are providing is not app - since that requires an application to be registered with Facebook. The Facebook app is a bit more complex and not something that most of our clients can do. We have provisions that allows you to add the app through the script of you choose to use it - since that is a bit more complex I will not discuss it here.

              The Facebook Like and Recommend simply adds the code to the top of the page to allow for this. The code is here:

              The SEO block for the page should auto-complete correctly as those fields are auto-populated by the event information. The SEO field in the additional info:

              Click image for larger version

Name:	2016-07-13_12-20-49.jpg
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ID:	24966

              You should not have to do anything with this box as it auto-populates with the correct information, based on various fields in the event.

              If Facebook shows the cache then its cache has to be cleared through the Facebook's cache removal site. Else the LIKE button should work.

              Hope that answers your question.
              Click & Pledge Support Department

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                I am just updating this post since I just had new issues with this but was able to figure it out on my own. I found now that when simply sharing the event registration link on Facebook, Facebook was grabbing the wrong event description, no matter how many times I asked the Facebook debugger tool to scrape new information. Here's the fix I figured out, based on this comment above: go to the event, go to 'additional information', go to SEO Meta Tags and in there, enter the code for the correct value. So, in my case, the only thing Facebook wasn't scraping properly was the og:description field so I entered in the following code: "
                <!-- Open Graph Data -->
                <meta property="og:description" content = "Put here what you want the description to be"/> where 'Put here what you want the description to be" was what I wanted the description to be (before it kept displaying the description from last year's version of the event after online registration closed. I'm guessing that because this event is a clone of last years, something somewhere is storing an old og:description value which I was able to overwrite using this approach.