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    I've gone through the manual and the 50 minute video demo and I'm still unclear on if there is a way to send participants an email confirming their registration.

    Is this meant to be done through the receipt or ticket functions? Can the auto-responders from the other Click&Pledge ap be used for events? Or maybe I should just set up an email trigger through the Nonprofit Starter Pack?

    I'm setting up an event for a free webinar and need to send out the access details. The auto-responders in PaaS seem to require that a payment is either authorized or declined. The invoice function is also specific to payments although I might be able to change it enough that it would work. The tickets look like they might be able to work somehow but I'm not clear on how to trigger them to be sent.

    Are there instructions on how this works somewhere? I've looked around and can't find any.

    Thank you,


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    Good day Melissa,

    The attendee email is sent to all attendees upon acceptance of payment. Please see the Registrant & Attendee Email Notification in the Messages tab:
    Click image for larger version

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    In the message section you will be able to type any email you want to go to the Attendee & Registrants. The email may have wildcard texts as offered on the left hand side for inclusion in the email. For example you may put the link to tickets for download, etc.
    Click image for larger version

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    The design is extremely flexible allowing you to send any email you want. You may of course design eTickets, and PDF tickets and include those links in the body of the email using the wildcard texts.

    The email will go if the option to send the ticket has been enabled. If you don't wish to send a ticket simply create a dummy ticket and set the Send eTickets to go out for attendees or registrants or both. If you don't want to send the tickets do not include the link for tickets in the email.

    Click image for larger version

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    Hope that makes sense.
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      Perfect, thank you!

      I had previously tried the Registrant email Notification but it didn't send.

      Now I have the proper settings and it looks like it's working.