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  • Level Name Merge Field


    I have an anonymous event where a registrant gets a certain amount of attendees based on level. They also get some added benefits based on level. Thus, we do not want them to see their entire purchased list with amount next to it because it doesn't break it down in that way.

    I am wondering if there can be a merge field for level name, i.e {@LevelName}.

    Right now I have:
    Order Details:

    Business Class: {@LevelPrice}

    I would rather have:
    Order Details:

    {@LevelName: {@LevelPrice}

    Thanks so much!

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    Any update on this? I need it for a live form so I need to do the work around if this merge field is not an option.


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      Good day!

      Sorry this was not updated as it is an idea we are exploring. I guess we thought this was under new ideas.

      At this time this is not available but we are evaluating how we could possibly add it to a future release. This idea is currently under review.

      Hope that answers your question.
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