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Attendee temporary contacts can't be converted

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  • Attendee temporary contacts can't be converted

    I have an event with registrants and attendees. I have three attendess that show up with temporary contacts, but when I try to process them I get this message:
    Error: This record is already processed or deleted.

    I went into C&P Settings, Maintenance and deleted C&P information, then went to Connect to Post to Salesforce. It posed the Registration, but the Attendee records are still showing that error. I currently have six attendee records that are doing this. All the rest have worked fine.

    The company is 00D15000000Eh2p and I have granted login access.

    The one that I deleted and re-posted has the Registration under Rob Rawls and the Attendee that's not working is Kelly Polittes

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    Sorry - one mor thing. Martin Duggan is the other attendee on that registration and that one won't process, either.


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      Good day Bev,

      Please check it now. We fixed the issue in your instance.

      Let us know if we can be of more assistance.
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        I actually fixed all of these by hand over the weekend. Can you tell me what the issue was so I know what to look for it it occurs again?