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  • Code required for rate

    Currently we have a full conference rate and we want to offer our members a discounted rate. I know we can apply a coupon code for the rate to come down, but we are also pushing membership so we want to display the member rate. I want to know if there is a way to have a code required to get a particular rate (you must enter the code in order to check out at that price rather than bringing down a different rate).

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    Good day!

    At this time coupon codes cannot be made mandatory. Once solution could be using the Registration Sites and passing the coupon code in the URL. Registration Sites list levels and each site may have different levels listed. By passing the coupon code in the URL it may satisfy the requirements. The discount applies only after an attendee has been added and the discount will show at the bottom of the form.

    Sorry that a more direct solution is not currently available. We will review and see how we can possibly offer a solution in a future update.
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      Thank you very much!