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Events: Test CC Number & SF Sites

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  • Events: Test CC Number & SF Sites

    Hi! I attended C&P Office Hours and I am posting to submit a couple of tickets to C&P support (I have granted access):

    1) Testing CC number: I was blocked from entering the test credit card numbers when I had a registration form in test mode. This was due to the upgrades, I think I completed the first one but can C&P support ensure all upgrades have been done and are accurate? Thank you! (attached screenshot)

    2) Salesforce sites: I am getting errors with my "default site URL" for events. I think this has to do with how my sites and permissions are set up. C&P has access, and office hours let me know that the support team could go in and set this up.

    Thanks so much! I have given access for 7 days.

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    Good day @AlexandraKenney,

    We have upgraded you as requested.

    It is highly recommended that you re-establish the connection after each upgrade. To establish connection please see the following KB article:

    Release notes:
    Important Consideration:

    The following 2 points need to be considered as part of this update since you may see more temporary contacts than you had prior to this update.
    • C&P Temporary Contact: In the 4.1x release Event's temporary contacts are part of the global C&P Temporary Contacts. Any attendee that was previously in the Event's temporary contact is now in the C&P Temporary Contact tab.
    • Maintenance: The maintenance self-healing service (C&P Settings > Maintenance) reviews all C&P Data logs and attempts to fix any errors that may have resulted from the post. To resolve the error, the self-healing service will delete & re-posts the prior post. This action in most cases will resolve any error that might have happened due to NPSP's record locks, etc.
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    Please let us know if we can be of any further assistance.

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