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Multiple registrants - only main one show up in campaign

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  • Multiple registrants - only main one show up in campaign

    Hi, when a registration contains more than one registrant - all opportunities are attributed to the main registrant and only that contact becomes a campaign member in the salesforce campaign.
    How can we set this so that they all become campaign members?
    Thank you!

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    Good day @Fraidy,

    You need to also assign the campaign to the Levels. Levels are for attendees and the event is for the registrant.

    If you are not seeing attendees as campaign members, it means no campaign has been assigned to the Levels. Typically it is recommended to create a campaign hierarchy where the event is the main campaign and each level is a child campaign. This will offer the reporting flexibility where attendees for each level may be tracked with the level campaign and the payers tracked with the event campaign.

    Hope this answers your question.
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      Thank you!!!