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What to do if attendee cancels

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  • What to do if attendee cancels

    If an attendee withdraws from an event, how can we change this in C&P Event Management so they do no longer get pulled onto the attendee or registrant reports?

    I only option I am seeing is to delete the registrant, but we do not want to lose 1) any other attendees who can still come and 2) the registration completely - it's useful to see who can/cannot attend the event after signing up.

    Thank you!


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    Good day!

    Sorry but at this time you cannot remove an attendee. Just as an idea (that may or may not work) you may want to consider the following:

    - you may change an attendee to anyone you want. Edit attendee allows you to assign the attendee to any contact. One idea I can think of is to create a contact such as: Missing Contact, and change the contact of the attendee that will not attend to this fictitious contact. Naturally when you download the report you can filter it in Excel by that name.

    Not sure it that works.. just an idea.
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