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Attendee Reports with Custom Questions

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  • Attendee Reports with Custom Questions

    Hello again,

    Just had a quick question, I'm trying to create a report where the following occurs however when I try to run any of the Attendee reports with Custom Questions, the Custom question field is treated as a single column as opposed to each question being different. Is there a way to create a report similar to what I have outlined below?

    Thank you!

    Attendee Name First Name Last Name Email Custom Question 1 Custom Question 2 Custom Question 3
    John Smith John Smith Answer Answer Answer
    John Doe John Doe Answer Answer Answer
    Jane Doe Jane Doe Answer Answer Answer


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    Good day David,

    In this release the questions are individual columns but we are working on an update in release 3.x that will solve this issue.

    The challenge is governor limit in Salesforce as the CPU it takes to sort 20+ questions causes run-time error. Working around Salesforce limitations, at times, is a bit challenging.

    The release 3.x will have a solution as our team is working on this issue.

    Sorry for the inconvenience.
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