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Manually edit Registered Attendees without deleting entire registration

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  • Manually edit Registered Attendees without deleting entire registration

    Is there still some way to manually remove incorrect event attendees without deleting the entire registration? I have a contact who purchased the correct number of paid tickets but then mistakenly added a set of no-charge tickets to his order, ultimately doubling the number of tickets being taken out of inventory. I need to remove the free tickets from his registration without messing up the paid transaction to correct our available inventory and registered. I don't have any Temporary Contacts that need attention. I know you used to be able to edit Attendees in the prior version. Thanks!

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    Good day,

    Events may not be partially edited by removing registrations from them. Perhaps we can consider, in a future release, allowing for such changes when the level price is 0 (free) but at this time we do not allow it since it will result in a partial credit and all events are treated equal so a free versus paid event are treated the same.

    For now a free registration may be deleted in its entirety but not partially.

    Hope that answers your question.
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