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Autoresponder issues with Events

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  • Autoresponder issues with Events

    Organization ID 00DG0000000l0eC, access granted
    I discovered that purchasers of tickets for our SKEE Trip were not getting a receipt, even though send receipt was checked as the default setting. So I created an auto-responder, tagged for that event, and it was working very well.

    I just set up a second event, KEENFest 2016, and created a new autoresponder for that, tagged appropriately. I make $5 donation in lieu of attendance to test, and got usual automatic receipt, the KEENFest Auto-responder, AND a SKEE Trip auto-responder, even though I didn't buy anything for the SKEE trip. I then disabled the KEENFest auto-responder, and made another $5 donation in lie of attendance to KEENfest. I got the automatic receipt - which is great, so I don't need the auto-responder - but I still got the SKEE trip auto-responder. Shouldn't that only go out for the event it is tied to? I'll attach the various receipts so you can see what I'm talking about.

    No I won't - my attachments exceed the allowed file size. Maybe the blizzard is getting to the system!

    I hope you can make sense of this without the pdfs. I will do office hours on Monday if you are open, but I'd like to have this resolved before then, so I can put up the KEENFest ticket purchase page.

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    Good day @Kate,

    Hope you don't mind that we upgraded your instance while reviewing your case. At the bottom of this email links are provided to the release notes:

    The "System Receipt" has a customized setting for each event as set in the "Messages" tab. In the event you stated this is set to false - see below:

    Click image for larger version

Name:	SendReceipt.jpg
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ID:	21655

    If you check the "Send Receipt" in the default section, it will set the flag to true for all NEW events by default but this setting will not affect any old events. The default is for new events so you don't have to make the selection each time. The default settings may be changed with an event but at the start it will be per the default settings.

    As for the Autoresponder. Your autoresponder is set to trigger with all authorized transactions - see the following image:

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Autpresonder.jpg
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Size:	142.9 KB
ID:	21656

    As clearly illustrated above there are no conditions to limit the sending of the autoresponder. The autoresponder is set to for all Authorized transactions with Visa, MasterCard, Discover, AmEx and eCheck.

    If you want to limit this to event you should set the SKU limitation so it only fires for the conditions you need.

    As for the upgrade:
    It is highly recommended that you re-establish the connection after each upgrade. To establish connection please see the following KB article:

    Release notes:
    Important Consideration:

    The following 2 points need to be considered as part of this update since you may see more temporary contacts than you had prior to this update.
    • C&P Temporary Contact: In the 4.1x release Event's temporary contacts are part of the global C&P Temporary Contacts. Any attendee that was previously in the Event's temporary contact is now in the C&P Temporary Contact tab.
    • Maintenance: The maintenance self-healing service (C&P Settings > Maintenance) reviews all C&P Data logs and attempts to fix any errors that may have resulted from the post. To resolve the error, the self-healing service will delete & re-posts the prior post. This action in most cases will resolve any error that might have happened due to NPSP's record locks, etc.

    Please let us know if we can be of any further assistance.

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      Thank you! I've now turned on send receipts in the default and event settings, and make the auto-responders inactive.