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Deleting the Event Temp records

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  • Deleting the Event Temp records

    We received notification of the following update: "C&P Temporary Contact: In the 4.1x release Event's temporary contacts are part of the global C&P Temporary Contacts. Any attendee that was previously in the Event's temporary contact is now in the C&P Temporary Contact tab." Since the update, we now have 632 contacts in the Temporary Contacts File. We use this file to merge event registrants with Salesforce Contact Records. I believe that only 21 records are truly temporary contacts that need to be merged with an existing Salesforce record. Can you remove the others from this file? All of the ones that were "Created By" "Click and Pledge Events" should be deleted from the file. Thank you.

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    Good day @SMOAdmin,

    Please post the question in the appropriate channel. This question is related to the Salesforce Event Management:

    Also please let us know what your Salesforce Organization ID is so we can review your instance. The data you are referring to has always been in your instance but you had ignored them. In the latest release the Temps are in the C&P Event Attendees pull down menu so all are there. If you delete them all your events will be orphaned as they should be now. If you still wish for us to delete them we can request a developer to delete it for you.
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