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Event Management & Auctions for Salesforce Tickets

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  • Event Management & Auctions for Salesforce Tickets

    Hello again,

    Our non-profit is having a gala that will have a silent auction and live auction. I was building a portal with C&P Event Management where the public can buy their tickets and found 2 major (among many minor) issues. I'm new to using the program and am still learning it, but found that 1) when someone wants to buy a table (10 tickets) that person is required to enter the name of every guests they bought a ticket for and 2) there is no meal option. They may not have the name of every person in the party yet so that makes it a challenge if every name is required.

    However, with Auctions for Salesforce I can add that person to Tickets and then the 9 other people can just be listed as Guest and I can choose the meal type for each, but I can't find a way to build a portal so the public can buy tickets this way.

    Essentially, I want a portal open to the public where they can buy 1 table (10 tickets) and not have to list every name (since they may not have it) and provide an option for meal choice and I'm not sure if it is possible with these two systems. I'm trying to understand how they work together.

    Also, I'm wondering how the public can donate items or become sponsors without us having to fill in all the information.

    ​Thank you.