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Available Inventory is negative-how did that happen

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  • Available Inventory is negative-how did that happen

    This has happened once before, and I think you told me why, but I apologize I cannot remember the answer. How is this possible?

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    Good day!

    I understand the confusion and I agree that it is confusing. The idea was forced on us by clients. Here is the story..
    • Inventory is set to a number, in your case: 50
    • Registration timeout is set to 0: This means that inventory is ONLY tracked once an order has been processed. By setting the timeout to zero you are telling the system not to block the registrations from inventory until the registration completes. Example: There are 3 tickets left in the inventory and 2 people hit your registration form at the same time each purchasing 3 tickets. The first person adds 3 tickets to the basket and since the tickets are not removed from inventory the second person is also able to add the 3 tickets to the basket. Once they both submit the registration you will have 3 tickets sold more than the inventory.
    If the registration is set to any value other than 0, e.x. 10 minutes, when the first person adds 3 tickets to the basket, the second person will not be able to add any tickets since the event is now sold out. The tickets will stay out of circulation for 10 minutes. If person 1 does not complete the registration within the "10 minute" set time the items in the basket will be returned to inventory.

    Please see the message as shown next to registration timeout:

    Click image for larger version

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    This feature uses Cookies to track the inventory. While this is not an issue if using the registration forms with the designer, we have clients that use the registration form alone and IFRAME it in their site. As an IFRAME, Safari browser blocks the registration form since it uses cookies. So if you use the registration timeout and use iframes then Safari will block the registration form.

    If you want to use IFRAME and you care about Safari then you need to put the timeout to 0 and then you will run into this issue.

    Hope that answers your question.
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