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Wording on payment screen

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  • Wording on payment screen

    I've just set up an event for the first time, then went and registered for the event. When it gets to the payment part of the process and you are ready to put in the registrant information for payment processing, the heading at the top of the screen is "Additional Information" instead of "Billing Information". I found this pretty confusing and tried to find where to change it, but couldn't. Can you assist me?

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    Good day!

    At this time this is not customizable. The text is supposed to be generic to accommodate free events where there is no billing or payment.

    This level of customization is part of the next release where each title and label is customizable - (yet adding more fields and naturally options and as a result complexity). It is almost impossible (let me rephrase it - it is impossible) to have a standard system that satisfies everyone and every time we add a feature to allow for customization we add yet another level of complexity and forms that need to be completed. I guess that has to be done in the name of progress.

    In release 10.x this is already built-in but for now it cannot be changed.
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      I totally get that. Thanks for the quick response.