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    For class listing, we would like to add class categories so potential students can filter by just those classes. In Additional Information, there are fields for Category and Category Description but I don't see how to use them, plus a class could be in more than 1 category. An example of what we currently have is here:

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    Good day!

    Have you considered using Event Listing Sites & Event Sites?

    The system is quite flexible. You may set up registration listing sites where a registration form only includes the levels and events that need to be listed.

    For example:

    Event 1:
    • Level 1-1
    • Level 1-2
    • Level 1-3

    Event 2:
    • Level 2-1
    • Level 2-2
    • Level 2-3
    A registration site may be designed to include

    Registration Site 1:
    • Level 1-1
    • Level 2-1
    • Level 1-2
    Registration Site 2:
    • Level 1-1
    • Level 2-3
    and so on

    I hope you see the big picture. Does this make sense? will this approach solve your need?
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