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Single check out at the end of an event

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  • Single check out at the end of an event

    Another little bird told me that C&P is able to be set up so at an Event, so that people attending can have their credit card swiped at the beginning and have a single checkout at the end for all their auction (live and silent) items and perhaps some other things.

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    Good day Dr. @Faith Dolittle,

    Have you been doing bird watching again? You have had 2 posts detailing discussions with little birds.

    With Swiper1 you may do pre-authorization and then charge that card at the end of the event. This feature is already included in the Swiper1.

    Event registration is not yet available in Swiper1 and it is a feature coming up in release 7, in March.

    Hope that answers your question. & please say Hi to the little bird as she probably knows us very well.
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