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First event - Need help figuring out options

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  • First event - Need help figuring out options

    Hello, I am working on creating an event with C&P for the first time for our annual fundraiser. We need the ability to register tickets and sponsors as well as sell raffle tickets and accept donations. We want to request guest information but find in most cases (especially for sponsors) guest info isn't ready at time of registration so looking for a way around the registrant having to fill in a bunch of required registration fields. For the raffle and donation options, I need them to not be attached to attendance at the event since a lot of people select those options in lieu of attendance. I am finding it difficult to make the system work for anything other than tickets. I'd love some advice on how others have best accomplished these needs (that seem pretty basic to me)! Thanks!

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    Good day!

    The current release offers ticket sales & donation as part of its design. Raffles may be added as a level for now until we add the merchandise option to the event which is in the roadmap for the next release.

    Other than adding the raffle as a level I can't think of any other way for doing this.
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