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sizing of name badges, on site printing, and tickets?

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  • sizing of name badges, on site printing, and tickets?

    Hi we are trying to configure C&P Event MGT to print name badges. I have selected the 4X3 horizontal badge. When it is printed it is the width of the paper! And the other style templates also print the full page width.

    How can the editor be set to print the correct width badge?

    Also, is there a way to print all the attendee badges and onsite registration badges?

    Finally, can the ticket template be sized to be such that the ticket is only 1/2 page or less?

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    OK I figured out a solution everyone should know about.

    A 3 x 4 badge is 385w x 288h Px

    To make a badge start with a custom -blank template.
    Make a table that is 383 x 228 Px as a frame

    For us I made 2 cells, the top one is for our logo 385 x 137 Px, the lower one was 385 x 142 Px
    I then made the boarder=5
    I then selected "First name" (font 48), last name (font 28).

    I had to change the parameters a lot to get the thing to print correctly.

    The good and bad of this is: the PDF sent int he confirmation email prints GREAT.

    The BAD is the PDF in the event manager is not scaled correctly and produces an image that is 2 pages in size!


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      Good day!

      We tested this and it works fine but we understand there is a bit of an issue with scaling and a couple of other factors regarding the printer.

      The 3x4 badge is designed to print to a name badge printer:

      Since these printers are not postscript we also provided Word format so it can print on these printers.

      I agree that designing the name badges is a bit hard using the editor and we are totally redesigning this to make it such that the Avery format pages may be selected and standard fields be added without the text editor. This will be in release 3.x

      Thank you for your post- we will review the PDF issue you are reporting and resolve it in the next update.
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        OK thank you. If the current 4x3 template is designed for a special printer then why give the customer the option to print a file that they CAN NOT print? Are the ticket templates designed for a specific printer also?

        You say there will be an upgrade to the software. Do you have a release date planned yet? I ask because we have an event scheduled for 20 Sept and we are trying to figure out how to handle the name badge. issue. Also, we don't want to spend $300+ on a specific printer.

        Finally, can you suggest a workaround to print badges in an Avery format? As we would like to have a way to print name badges for the customers.