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Swiper1 and "chip cards"

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  • Swiper1 and "chip cards"

    Does anyone have experience with the Swiper1 and the "new" chip cards? I say new because they have been in Canada and Europe for 20 years!
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    The Click & Pledge Swiper1 is designed for use on all credit cards.
    The newer EMV cards (chip cards), still contain a magnetic stripe and will for the foreseeable future. The Swiper1 device uses the magnetic stripe.

    There has been talk in the media about the changes that occurred on October 1st. This is mostly hype. The date only refers to a switch of liability on a small percentage of fraudulent card transactions.

    In the nearly 4 years the Swiper1 has been available, this "liability shift" would have affected ZERO transactions done with the Swiper1.
    In addition, because Click & Pledge already protects you against fraud (as long as you do not disable our free fraud protection), if any transaction you have is fraudulent, we cover the cost. This policy will not change.

    Click & Pledge has determined that:
    a - there a very low probability of a fraud charge where the liability shifts,
    b - your cost for an EMV reader device would be 3 times the cost of our current hardware, and
    c - our fraud protection means that you are completely covered for any fraud related charges on any Swiper1 transaction.

    Because of this, we have determined that there is little to no benefit in developing and deploying a Swiper1 that can read EMV chips.

    If you have any further questions on this topic please submit a ticket to our support desk

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