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Mapping Custom Fields for Attendees

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  • Mapping Custom Fields for Attendees

    I've been chipping away at figuring out how to map fields in the CnP Event module in SF. I have no problem getting the registrant fields mapped. And if the event opportunities have an SKU, I am able to map information to a contact or an account.

    Standard attendee fields map to contact records fine. My problem is that I can't get a custom field to map for attendees (that I want to make contacts) if they are not the one doing the registering. For example.. we are running an event that involves students. If a parent is registering their child, I'd like to know what high school the child(ren) are graduating from and what year they are graduating high school. When this information is gathered and I try to run it through SKU mapping, the parent's contact fields are populated instead of the child, because the registrant is the purchaser.

    Additionally, I'd like to mark a checkbox I've labeled "student" in their contact record so I can eliminate them for direct mail mailings.

    I have fields for all of these things, but I don't understand how to get that attendee information to the right place in a contact record.

    Additionally, I want to make sure that whatever the solution is, I'm not mismarking parents as students.

    Any ideas?

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    Good day!

    Sorry that we missed this.

    Currently attendee information cannot be mapped to the contact record. I am not sure how you may do this. The challenge is not that it cannot be done but when we worked on this we had to delay its introduction since when dealing with 100 registrations and 25 included tickets with each registration Salesforce kept throwing governor limit errors. There is only so much one can do before Salesforce chokes under the load.

    It is a feature we are working on with release 10 where the PaaS settings will handle the mapping. It is in the works but not yet available.
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