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Discounted tickets posting to Salesforce as full price?

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  • Discounted tickets posting to Salesforce as full price?

    I just noticed that all of our discounted tickets have been posting to Salesforce as the full price amount. This is going to be a nightmare when we run reports. What kind of workarounds are there?

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    Good day @JoeMoran,

    The discount is in a separate field in the opportunity. We put the total for the transaction for the amount and the discount in a different field in the opportunity.

    The opportunity amount is the Gross amount. The NET may be calculated by subtracting the discount from the opportunity amount.

    In the Q1 release we are adding this as an option so you may choose to make the opportunity the NET amount. For accountants we have made this as detailed as it is since the discount may be accounted for separately.

    Hope that answers your question.

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      But the 100% discount comes up as $0 on the opportunity record. That's inconsistent with what you're telling me...