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  • Event Site URL Update

    I understand that all C&P Event pages should just use one generic Site and have the C&P parameters specify which exact event page the user goes to. In the latest version of C&P it appears that you can only select one Default Site URL in the Default Settings and cannot change the site on a per event basis- which makes sense and is consistent with the overall one site intention.

    However, I had a user create an upcoming event when a non-generic site url was in place. When I updated both the Site url in the Setup-Develop-Sites and the Default Site URL in the C&P Events Default Settings, the url for that event did not update to the new url, even after re-saving. It now throws a Visual Force error when attempting to access (I have since reverted). As there appears no way to manually update an event URL, is there any option short of remaking the event to allow it to use a new Site URL?

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    Good day!

    For backward compatibility we do not save over existing data to prevent change of the URL in case an update is made to an old event. Changing the URL to the default would have been disastrous for existing events.

    The solution is easy. Please follow the steps to get to the actual field and change it manually. It is a simple trick.
    1. Go to the event site
    2. Copy the Event ID
    3. Past the Event ID after your instance URL.
    See below:

    Step 1 & 2:

    Click image for larger version

Name:	EventID.jpg
Views:	27
Size:	95.7 KB
ID:	19551

    Step 3:

    Click image for larger version

Name:	BaseURL-EventID.jpg
Views:	25
Size:	160.9 KB
ID:	19552

    This trick will get you to the standard layout for editing the record.

    We removed the flexibility of multiple URL as it was causing major confusion with our clients. I personally liked the flexibility as it was giving everyone a lot of freedom to do whatever they wanted. Clients were constantly creating new sites for each event and facing error since each site requires post-installation steps with permissions that had to be set up. By removing this we have eliminated a lot of support tickets.

    In the future we may set this again but with an advanced user feature that has to be first enabled, deep inside our settings- not to be found easily

    Hope that answers your question.

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      Thanks so much - that all makes complete sense and I was able to update the events no problem.

      I really appreciate your clear and detailed response.

      Have a great day.