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Transfer Attendees Between Events

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  • Transfer Attendees Between Events

    We posted a link to the wrong event on our website and had several people register and pay. How do we move those registrations to the "correct" event? We don't want to cancel and refund and then re-register. Hopefully there is another way.

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    Good day!

    There are a large number of cascading information that is saved for each attendee based on the event- namely Levels, prices, discount plans, custom questions and a few more. Opportunities that are created have a number of additional information for the event also saved with them. It is not a trivial task to manually move one registration to another event if everything is different.

    I totally understand that you don't want to do this and we can gladly review the registrations for you and figure out what it takes to move them but based on just what you have posted it may be easier to credit and manually add the people through the box office so you don't ask the patrons to register again.

    Please grant us login access if you wish for us to review the registrations.
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