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  • Simplified Registration Process

    Hello C&P Support,

    I'm posting on behalf of a client who needs to simplify the registration process for their event. Their event is a free event and so they don't need to have separate forms for attendee and payee/registrant. Is it possible to simplify the registration process so that the the person signing up for the event doesn't have to go through multiple clicks to complete their registration?
    Also on a related note, is there a way to remove the "Net Total" at the bottom of the event page? It is unnecessary and confusion since the event is a free event.

    Any help/advice/suggestions around these issues would be much appreciated!


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    We discovered the "Anonymous" checkbox which ensures that the signup process is simpler for a free event. Is there any way to get rid of the "Net Total" at the bottom of the event page? It's confusing for registrants and is something that my client would like to get rid of.



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      Good day @Ronak,

      At this time the net total cannot be removed. Currently the system layout is fixed and it requires the multi-page.

      The single page design with customizable elements is in the works for Release 10 (Q1 - 2016) but at this time it is not available.

      Currently the registrant can select from the list of attendees if they are the same person. You may also remove any field you want from the attendee as the first and last name are the only required fields.

      I hope that answers your question.
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