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Registrant contact data errors

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  • Registrant contact data errors


    I'm having some trouble with data migrating for registrants and attendees for an upcoming event. When pulling a registrant or attendee report, the names and email addresses of registrants/attendees are not showing up in the list, except for the few guests that are already in our system from previous gifts.

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    When I click on the Details for each entry, then I see a jumble of tags in the "Contact Data" field, instead of the registrant/attendees individual info.

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    When I receive email receipts for these transactions, all of the contact information appears correctly as requested, but I'm not sure what I need to enable/disable to make the reports appear with all of the information collected. When I view the event registrations (from the menu: Active Events > My Event > Registrations) and temporary contacts, the correct information appears, but I can't export a guest list or report from the Registrations window.



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    Good day @Manda,

    As the image shows the CONTACT information is blank which tells me that the information is in the Temporary Contact for those attendees.

    Have you checked the Temporary Contact for the event?

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    Have you checked the Temporary Contacts for event? Please note that the attendees & registrants are in different section on that page.
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