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How and Where to add an "Add This Event" calendar entry to a Event page

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  • How and Where to add an "Add This Event" calendar entry to a Event page

    We want to be able use the AddThisEvent or something equivalent to our Event pages to be competitive with EventBrite. The code is at this site Where on the Event site would we implement and how would we do it?

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    Good day Dan,

    This is a good little widget. We have reviewed it and it will be a time saving app and the license is quite reasonable.

    We were concerned initially that the URL provided is not secure since adding anything to the Salesforce event requires SSL considering the payment form has to be secure and any reference to an insecure site will give warning in the URL. After review of the FAQ we noticed the issue has already been asked and the entire code has been available for download and local hosting. We are currently testing it. If all goes well we will add that as a widget.

    Thank you again for the tip - love to find other widgets that we can add instead of developing them so if you see others please let us know.
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      Love this. Was looking to see whether C&P has this support, so great to see that it is in the works.