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Gift from orgs (Accounts, in Salesforce-speak) - can't be linked through events?

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  • Gift from orgs (Accounts, in Salesforce-speak) - can't be linked through events?

    Business buys 9 tickets for my event. Business should get credit - but "temp contacts" only works for Contacts and not Accounts? What am I missing? Thanks for any help you can offer.

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    Good day!

    Currently accounts are not set up to be matched against the opportunity. What you are trying to do is not a feature.

    We are working on a similar concept for donation matching programs but this case you are describing is a different case. Opportunities may be associated with contacts & accounts. In the current release an opportunity's account is the same as the one that is set up for the contact. What you are describing is to associate the same opportunity with 2 accounts which Salesforce does not do.

    Are you thinking that 2 sets of opportunities are to be created with one set associated with the contact and another one with account?
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      It may be that when you said Accounts are not set up to be matched against the opportunity, that is the answer - I can't do what I need to do.

      The semantics are causing me a bit of trouble, though, I think - please bear with me. Does a gift always have to be matched to a contact? In this particular case, I need the gift to be matched only to an Account, but I am not seeing how to do that, and it may not, in fact, be available, as you say.

      This particular gift is a business check, so it is going in under custom payments, and the payment itself is not processed through Click and Pledge. But it is for 9 tickets for the event and is a business check - there is not a contact that would be associated with this, and I'm not trying to associate it with 2 Accounts - just one - but no contact.

      The way I'm looking at it is from the side of being a nonprofit and who gets credit for a gift - the business gave the money, no person did. Does that make sense? I'm not sure I'm able to explain it well. But being able to do this could be important, especially for events, when there are sponsorships, given by businesses. I don't want a secretary or a salesperson, say, to have it look as though they the donated money that came from the business they work for, by having the gift linked to their contact record.

      I hope that is more clear, and again - it may be that this just isn't something that can be done now, but I can see that the need would go beyond just us, so maybe something for later?


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        C & P support,

        Since you mention this feature is in the pipeline. We need something similar. 75% of our donations are from corp./foundation sources and need to get credited to an Org account, but all the Click & Pledge opportunities get set up on the household. Our contacts use the Primary Affiliation field to link them to their organizations. Most campaigns focus on org dollars, but some do focus on individuals/households. So ideally we'd like a form-level option to map it to the primary affiliation of the contact.

        Leslie, I'm pretty sure I can do a workaround with the process builder to change the account from the household to the primary affiliation. I'll post some instructions if you like after I get this to work myself.