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    Good morning,

    In an attempt to utilize custom question data, I downloaded data from our most recent event using the Attendee Information report on the event's dashboard.

    This report is providing information that I do not understand. For some of the attendees, it provides more than one set of custom questions. If this were a registrant report, I would assume that the additional sets of custom questions were associated with the registrant's attendees. However, since this is the attendee report, why are there multiple sets of custom question answers?

    Also, in attempt to find a work-around, I created a "C&P Event Attendee Custom Information with Contact" report. This only gives me custom question answers for about 10 of the 300 attendees. All attendees were required to answer the questions so this report does not provide me with complete data. Is there a better report?

    I've given you access to our instance of SF.


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    I have yet to receive a response to this issue.



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      Sorry that we missed this post. We really try to answer forum questions as soon as they are posted but at times they get buried in the list.

      The report columns for the custom questions are the complete list of ALL questions as the column heading and the answers provided in the respective column. The report is a complete report. Don't you see your questions for the attendee listed as the column labels?

      In the upcoming release due out the first of June we have created a Salesforce report that shows all questions but it will be in a paragraph style since that is the format Salesforce offers. This report will provide all attendees and the Q&A for their registrations.
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