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Swiper item options not optional

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  • Swiper item options not optional

    When making a new item, when the an option is added it is not an option when one tries to select the item to put it in the basket. The system will not put the single item in he basket without selecting the option? Bug? Swiper version 5.001.034

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    Good day!

    I am having a hard time understanding the issue. Are you saying that you cannot add an item to the basket when the item has an option?

    If an item has an option then only the option can be added to the basket. If a T-Shirt is an item and the options are S, M, L, XL, then only an option such as M may be added to the basket.

    If I am not answering the question correctly please provide more details and steps for us to duplicate it.
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      Thank You. Now I understand the function of the "option". We are setting up an event. We have two types of entries (single and couple). I would like to add the option for folks to make an extra donation (with several levels ($20, $40, $60 as easy to select add-ons) at the time they pay their entry fee. Can I set up the options to do this, or is there a better way?



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        Hi Rick,
        It may be better to set those up as 2 different items and turn the additional payment option on in settings. That way, you will be directed to the additional payment (Donation) screen with either options and the donation will get added to the total before they make a payment.

        I hope that answers your question.


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          I tried to make 3 options. Free $20, $40. When I try to add the single entry to the cart, I get a warning message to "select all options" It seems to me if the options are options I should be able to pick one, not have to pick all of them.

          I enabled the "Additional Payment" option and this works OK. However it seems like there is a bug in the options function.


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            The option is really designed for products with multiple sizes, colors,...If you create one product and give it options, you will have to select at least one option to proceed.

            You can do this 2 ways:
            1- create a product called tickets or admission and give it 3 options, but you will need to select one option before you can add anything to the basket. This is by design.
            2- you can create 3 different products, one called Free admission, one called $20 admission and one called $40 admission and no options for any of them. This way you can just select the product you want and continue.

            I hope that helps. Please let us know if there are further questions.