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Error message when upgrading

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  • Error message when upgrading

    I received the following error message when trying to update our Events Module. Any ideas?


    1. This app can't be upgraded.
    Salesforce has blocked this package upgrade because the new package version removes some Apex code that one or more Visualforce pages or global Visualforce components need in order to function. Please contact your partner with this error information. Provide these component names to your partner. Visualforce Pages: CreateCustomFields, Discountplan, ContactInfoFields, CreateAnEventPage, EventLayout, ContactEdit, EventListingPreview, EventListing, EventListPage, EventRegistration_2, EventRegistration_1, EventRegistration_0, EventRegistrationLayout, EventLayoutview, Attendeepage_2, AuthenticateMobile, levelattendee_2, ArchievedEventpage, Discount_page_2, CreateEventPage, Event_category_2, EventDesignsTable, EventsDesignerView, Eventattendeedownload_2, EventListingRedirect, Eventattendee_2, NameBadgeSendingButtonRegistrant, NameBadgeSendingButton, Registrantpage_edit_2, Registrantpage_2, Revreg_level_2, Revreg_Event_2, downlaodregistrant_2, downloadlevelattendee_2, boxofficepage, getattendee, eventlistingview, TicketSendingButtonRegistrant, UpcomingEventpage, TicketDesign, TicketSendingButton, ticketPrint, updaterecordscount, Eventattendee, Event_category, EventRegistration_4, EventRegistration_3, EventRegistration_ThankYou, EventRegistration_5, PdfDisplay, RegistrationEngine, RegistrantTemplates, Registrantpage, Eventmanualregistration_ThankYou, Eventmanualregistration, OrderRegistrationLevel, AttendeeTemplates, OrderCustomFields, RegistrationLevels, Reglevel, UploadCSVDiscounts, downlaodregistrant, download, eventdownload, Reportpage, Revreg, Revreg1, TemperoryGridTables.

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    Good day!

    The problem is your are not on 2.6000.22 release which is the requirement for this update.

    This is also indicated in the release notes:

    In another post you have requested the upgrade so we will go ahead and respond to the other post once the upgrade is complete.
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