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Connect and Click&Pledge in Salesforce

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  • Connect and Click&Pledge in Salesforce

    I am new to this...cannot seem to make sense of how Connect works with Click & Pledge within Salesforce events. I have Connect activated and a peer to peer page up, as well as a web site through the C&P Events in Salesforce. How do the two integrate?

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    Good day @Tricia,

    Great to see that you are starting the "Connect" site. Connect is not related to the Salesforce event as it is a peer-to-peer fundraising and not related to event registration.

    You may use Salesforce campaigns in Connect and it will also create dynamic campaigns for the fundraisers. There are several videos about this at:

    If you wish to also see more details or have any questions you wish to see a demo of please join our daily office hours and we can gladly show you.
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