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Free Events in C&P Event Management

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  • Free Events in C&P Event Management

    Hello C&P Staff,

    What is the best process for creating and managing a Free Event using C&P Event Management app? I setup C&P Events and created a test event. When I tested by signing up, the flow still thinks of the event as a paid event and asks for registrant/payee and attendee details. Is it possible to have a more streamlined process? The event we are trying to setup is a free webinar.

    Any help/suggestions will be much appreciated.


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    Good [email protected]

    You may want to make the event anonymous and price it as $0. You may also minimize the information from the registrant. If the price is $0 then no payment information will be shown.

    Also just as an FYI - the release 4.x due out by the end of September will have integration with GoToWebinar so all attendees will automatically be registered into a set webinar as set for the level. More on this later..

    Let me know if we can be of more assistance.
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