Please bear with me as I try to explain problem. I am a new user and am trying to learn the system.

I am trying to add Salesforce Event Management to our account. Right now the account has 2 users. Both users have System Administrator profile. I am in charge of the Salesforce account for our organization. The other user was given administrator privileges because she has the expertise to set up the system. However, she is currently on vacation.

I get the following error when trying to add Salesforce Event Management: requires Click and Pledge PAAS Class Library and Click and Pledge Payment as Service. I show both of these apps as being added to our account. Those packages were added by the other user. I don't understand why I am having a problem adding Salesforce Event Management.

I have granted log-in access to Click & Pledge Support so that if possible, you can find my error.

Thank you for any help.