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Levels design and test failure

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  • Levels design and test failure

    I have set up an event but cannot get test transactions to be accepted. I receive the Payment Declined message after clicking the Process button.
    Also -
    I'm really confused about levels. What's the difference between Registrant and any other level I may design? If I call a level Attendee, do I need also a Registrant level? Can any designated level (Attendee) purchase more than 1 ticket without having to fill out additional forms for each ticket?

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    I received your email "We reviewed your account and noticed that you had not enabled the "Custom Payment Type" in the portal. Actually this is enabled by ***************" and have seen that Custom Payment Type is now checked. I just tried another transaction with the same result: payment declined. Please help!


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      Good day @Tim,

      You have this post in 2 places. Is this the same thread as:

      We will answer you in the original post. Please make sure to keep the posts in the same thread if applicable as it will minimizes our confusion. We have a tendency to get confused easily..
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