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Attendee always labeled Attendee 1

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  • Attendee always labeled Attendee 1

    When registering more than one attendee at a time, once you click on Add New Group/Attendees, the screen comes up to add the next attendee. However, that Attendee is always labeled Attendee No. 1. Would you be able to make the numbering match the number of attendees being added? If not, take the number off so it just says Attendee? Our client is asking for this which makes total sense to me! Thanks.

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    Good day @Julie P.

    I see your point - our system shows Attendee 1 since a level may have more than 1 registrations included. I guess what we need to do is to make an exception when a single ticket is included and not multiple so don't show the counter.

    Good suggestion - I will request to make the change in release 3.x due out in July.

    Let us know if we can be of any further assistance.
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      The fix was implemented in screen that's easy to overlook, so to help fellow googlers out there, here are the instructions for changing this: