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Event Layout Action Button not working

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  • Event Layout Action Button not working

    I am confused to what the difference is between Event Template and Event Layout. I have created an event template that consists of everything I need for an individual to register for an event (but it's all on one page). However, I have other events that could use a more detailed way of going about this, meaning I would like to have an opening page that would have link to a registration page and possibly a thank you page.

    When I create an event, I have to choose a default template. When I create an event layout I must choose an existing Event. There is no option to link the existing event to an event layout instead of a template. I guess I would like to create an event template and use that for the registration page, and create an opening page through event layouts where the 'action button' would send you to the registration page (event template).

    I guess my question is, what is event layouts and how do you go about using them? I have watched the million videos and read a million forums. I need to know how you set up event layouts for an event that processes payments, and where does template fit into all of this.

    *I can relate an event layout to an existing event that already contains a template, but this does nothing. When I preview the layout, it shows up and of course the 'action button' does nothing. I can't move to different pages.
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    Good day!

    I think you are mixing 1.0 events with event 2.x templates. We have kept 1.x tabs to ensure that clients that have ongoing events can still manage them.

    Please click on "Event Management" tab and do all your work in that tab. Other event tabs belong to 1.x events.

    Templates in 2.x event app is completely self contained and do not use layouts.

    You may to attend our office hours on Friday if you wish to see how it all works. We also have a couple of videos that you may watch from our webinars discussing the new Event 2.x:
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    Join us @ the educational webinars:
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