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Child vs adult tickets count?

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  • Child vs adult tickets count?

    How do I set a limit of for example 500 total tickets and then allow two different types of tickets to come off that count down. Because if we sell 500 adult tickets and then they get sold out message and then they go to the childrens ticket and there are available. I hope this makes sense.

    child = 1
    > SOLD OUT
    adult = 499

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    Good day!

    In Event 2.x you have the following inventory:

    - Event inventory
    - Level inventory

    If Event inventory reaches its limit the event will be taken offline, and if each level reaches the limit it will be taken offline. So as an example:

    - Event inventory = 500
    - Adult inventory = 500
    - Child inventory = 500

    As soon as the total inventory reaches 500 the event and all levels will be sold out. If each level reaches 500 then the other will also be sold out since event reaches its limit. So you may easily have the following:

    - Event = Sold Out
    - Adult = 499 tickets sold
    - Child = 1 ticket sold


    - Event = Sold Out
    - Adult = 300 tickets sold
    - Child = 200 tickets sold

    Hope that makes sense.

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